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Just how many types are there, at least 12 that I know of, and they will all work on paper, but how many are there for my home, and my home is a bit smaller than average, it is a one bedroom semi detached, but it is crammed full of electricity using things that I just ‘have to have’ for my life style. It is my own electricity bill I want slashed and I mean slashed, just to get it back to where it was three years ago I have to cut what I buy from the electricity suppliers buy 40% this year and I am a good boy, I have decreased my consumption already by 7% in the last year, problem was the bill still went up $100 a quarter, seems my cost cutting can’t keep pace with how fast they can put the bills up.

There is a hard core group that will dominate the industry for the foreseeable future simply because we have the technology already to make them work well enough to replace our base load generation needs from now till at least the end of this century. And that is what we must do, replace our base load generation systems or possibly stuff the whole planet up but that is for another site to discuss, what I do know is that no average family in a western country will be able to afford to use electricity like they do today unless they are millionaires and don’t want to be millionaires by the time their kids leave home. That is how expensive buying electricity will become if the current trends continue.

Most of the current systems that can replace our base load generators are definitely not suited to home generation, unless you have many millions of dollars at your disposal then the top two, Geothermal and Tidal are way out of reach, and like most people you probably think that only leaves solar and wind, and they are good cheap options for your family home, both will make about half the energy you need for your house each day for an initial outlay of around $10,000 and that includes the regulation compliance costs. That $10,000 outlay will last at least fifteen years as well, so it will cost you $666 a year roughly. What is you current energy bill, mine was $350 a quarter or $1400 a year and it will go up, will it what, by 15% on July 1st 2011, they have already told us that.

So I suddenly had to find out what I could do about this, I object to giving money to politicians who say they have to have it to update the infrastructure, well they have had decades to update it and have they, no, so why would I think they would now, even if like over the years they have had the money why would they suddenly actually spend it on what we need, not what they need for reelection. They did it, raised the prices of electricity to get the money to update our power stations, once they had the increases in place for the next few years what did they do, they sold the power stations, now they only own the resellers, cute but typical.

Other than solar and wind there are a couple of other contenders for the home power station, number one is biodiesel, and biodiesel actually sounds like a bit of fun as well, well if you like the idea of being the mad scientist on your block, there are a few ways to make biodiesel, the easiest, get used cooking oil and purify it, a few good filters will do the job, once done it will run in any diesel motor, including a car, but you will need a good mechanic handy, to tune the engines to the fuel. Other ways of making biodiesel involve processes and for a long time these stank to high heaven and so were next to impossible to do in your backyard shed, well now they have cleaned them up and sure, they still smell a bit, but no worse that a sweaty teenagers socks, which leads us to our final contender, methane gas.

The other main contender is methane but to make it you should check with local authorities, most are so behind the times you should have trouble even getting them to understand that word, methane, and they will do nothing, others will say no because they do not have a clue but anything they don’t know about is witchcraft to them, well that is they way they behave. Methane is highly flammable which is why you should check, and treat it with the respect it deserves.